Collection: Chambers

  • Healing Modality: Quantum

    An activation is an attunement to the energy or vibration of the item you are being attuned to.

    They are extremely powerful and create great shifts in your consciousness!

  • Healing Modality: Quantum & Emotion Code

    Chakras can become Imbalanced, Stuck, Stagnant and Blocked and when they do we feel out of balance in our beings.

    Two offerings, Individual using Emotion Code & Quantum or All 7 majors using Quantum.

  • Healing Modality: Quantum & Reiki

    Chambers are created on a Quantum Level and Infused with Reiki healing energy.

    These are very profound and the healing is activated for you over many days creating a soft and gentle integration.

  • Healing Modality: Quantum

    They work similarly to how a 'group' healing does.

    They group together everyone who has purchased channelling the collective energy to heal of the group but applied to the individual with their own healing intention.

  • Healing Modality: Quantum

    These healings are made to order.

    Customised to you and your energy field - whatever is needed most for you at that time.

    A great deep healing working on a subconscious level to identify triggers and release them for good.

  • Healing Modality: Emotion Code

    These healings are great for releasing emotional layers and walls. These are made to order using a common theme approach.

    Whilst the healing is not unique, the messages and responses that Ray provides for you are unique and customised for you as a result of the made to order personalised healing.