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Instant Healings | Targeted healing for Mind, Body, Soul, Relationships and Family

Instant Healings | Targeted healing for Mind, Body, Soul, Relationships and Family

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Instant Healing Range

I have a range of over 10 Instant Healings just for you :)

Whether you're wanting to work on your Business your Mind, Body, Soul, Relationships or your Family I can help you with a deep and powerful quantum healing.

These Instant healings are POWERFUL, in fact these are my FAVOURITE healings because you can achieve a deeper healing.

Once upon a time, I used to think Group/Instant healings wern't for me.... because how could MY personal intention be received? That was very human and 3D of me :D

The Divine know who we are, what we need and we just need to do the asking,

When we ask in a combined format - that intensifies the healing intention.

Have you ever attended a group meditation? Very similar, the power of a group meditation vs you meditation at home is the same methodology of these healings.

If you have more questions about these healings please feel free to check out the FAQ guide >

Otherwise, trust and have faith in the MAGIC of these special healings.


The Offerings


These Instant healings all come with a Sacred Healing Chamber at no charge to allow for a gentle integration

These Sacred Chambers are valued at $22 AUD

πŸ’š Business Healing

πŸ’™ Anxiety Healing

πŸ’™ All Meridians Healing

πŸ’– Karma & Soul Contracts

πŸ’– Old Soul Healing - Atlantis Healing / Lemurian Healing

πŸ’œ Inner Child Healing

πŸ’œ Mother Wound Healing


On request offerings:

πŸ’– Darkness Healing (No sacred healing chamber included)

πŸ’– Sacred Healing Chamber


Adding your healing intention


With any group or instant healings, I always hold space and allow your individual healing intentions to occur.

✨When you add this healing you the cart, you can place your healing intention on the form

✨ Trust that when you set your intention that it is received as this is how I have facilitated this healing to work

✨ "How" this happens, for now have faith that the universe knows your intention and this will be divinely taken care of


Receiving your instant healing


✨When you purchase this healing it will not sent you the healing (previously it did)

✨ I will personally activate the healing and send this to you via EMAIL connected to your account your purchased the item from.

✨ Please allow a reasonable timeframe for me to send this to you

✨ It is understood by Ray that by purchasing this item you have read the FAQ & Disclaimer


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  • By purchasing any items from this store it is understood by Ray that you have the read the completeΒ FAQ Guide and Disclaimer.

    If you need support, pleaseΒ Chat with us.

What makes me a good healer

I have a unique soul gift which enables me to seamlessly merge with other souls where I momentarily feel everything they feel as if it is my own.
Through this, I can then clear any blockages, illness, disease my transmuting this to higher vibrational states.

In simple terms, your soul communicates to me exactly what it needs, and how it needs to be healed - kind of like magic!

It would be my absolute pleasure to be of service to you if you feel so inclined :)

Love and Light,

Ray 🌻

Ray's Soul Mission

I have a soul mission to help others to heal, and I do this by:

πŸ’– Healing past lives
πŸ’– Removing karma
πŸ’– Removing out of alignment soul contracts
πŸ’– Removing low vibrational energies, entities, thoughtforms
πŸ’– Removing trapped emotions and stuck energy
πŸ’– Removing heart-walls
πŸ’– Raising your vibration
πŸ’– Rewriting limiting beliefs
πŸ’– Quantum healing
πŸ’– Emotion code healing
πŸ’– Body and Illness healing
πŸ’– Chakra rebalancing

+ so much more!

If you are looking for a Quantum Healer who works in the Akashic Records or a Certified Emotion Code Healer then you've found me!